About Us

GCATI was founded by Mark Craddock and Chris Barrett to develop capable communities of skilled individuals through global training and certification that is accessible anywhere and recognised everywhere.

Through leading the development of the United Nations Global Platform, Mark noted a need for the Official Statistics community to receive high quality training, provided by the community experts, to enable teams to more proficiently make use of Big Data. Joining forces with Chris, to use his experience in leading start-ups and his knowledge of the education sector, has led to the rapid evolution of GCATI into a world-leading training institute.

The diversity of training now available has grown quickly to provide the same globally accessible and recognised training to a range of communities, by the experts in those communities.

Studying and obtaining a certification with GCATI not only better equips individuals and organisations, but also helps to support their communities. Fees from the courses and certifications are reinvested in further training opportunities for the relevant community.

The unrivalled, industry-leading knowledge and insight brought to each course enables our trainees to get ahead and make a difference.

All of our training courses benefit from the same invaluable features:


Global access - learn online anywhere in the world

Global recognition - internationally recognised qualifications

Global opportunities - stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best in your field

Created by each community, for that community 3 other.media Other Media & GCATI

Learn at your pace - courses range from 4 to 40 hours of study

Choose your level of training to move your career on to the next stage