Foundation in DevOps

Foundation in DevOps

Level: Foundation
Training: Optional

Foundation in DevOps

Foundation in DevOps - 

Assessment Criteria

You will be assessed on the following:

  • Understanding of how DevOps came to be and why it has become so important
  • What DevOps is and look at what it involves from three different perspectives which originate from some of DevOps’s most influential advocates
  • Understanding of the different aspects of the DevOps cycle and Pipelines
  • Concepts of Version control, focussing on Source Control Management, specifically Git
  • Configuration Management is and where it applies in DevOp
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery means and the role it plays in DevOps
  • The different types of testing in the DevOps cycle
  • Understanding of deployment strategies along with the importance of continual feedback
  • Understanding the need to consider rollbacking a release and defect management
  • Resiliency and how to achieve it
  • Understanding of cloud technologies and relevance to DevOps
  • Understanding of Security considerations in a DevOps context
  • Considerations when applying DevOps to databases.
  • Choosing the right DevOps related tools for your organisation, the benefits of Open Source software and the factors which need to be considered before contributing or using it.
  • The complexities of controlling technical diversity across the Enterprise whilst facilitating innovation.
  • “what good looks like” and the various factors can contribute to IT high performance.
  • Organisational structure Patterns and Anti-patterns and DevOps as a Service.
  • Understanding of Psychology safety and the importance of trust, empathy and diversity in the workplace.
  • The qualities which underpin a DevOps Culture, characteristics of high performing delivery teams and role related responsibilities.


  • 1.5 hours
  • 50
  • Multiple Choice
  • 80
  • Foundation
  • English