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Awareness in Wardley Mapping - For those who need an awareness in Wardley Mapping to support the development of strategies. Online training hours: 20-25 hours (3-4 days)

Why Wardley Maps

Wardley maps are an effective way of exploring user needs, value chains, the evolution of practice & technology, and strategies.  They are ideal for developing a strategy as they allow us to consider multiple perspectives at different levels of granularity (eg: macro → meso → micro → nano), capital flows, impediments, and strategic plays. They will also serve as a key link between different departments within an organisation by creating active dialogue, developing a common language, and highlighting practical actions that can be taken.

Who is the Foundation in Strategy designed for?

  • Strategic Decision Makers, CEOs, C-Suite, Board members, VPs, Product Managers who want to develop their strategy using Wardley Maps.
  • Recruiters, Hiring Professionals, Hiring Line Managers who want hiring managers to know the language and detail within the subject matter to be able to evaluate candidates, understand their skills set and what they are capable of.
  • Investors, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Angel Investors who want investors to be able to evaluate and understand businesses using or seeking to use Wardley Mapping.
  • Strategy practitioners, career professionals, enterprise architects, architects, public policy professionals who are interested in strategy using Wardley Mapping as a capability to support their current role and future career.
  • Wardley Mapping users and those who work with Practitioners - Those who need to understand the framework, structure, processes and language used in Wardley Mapping  in order to work effectively with those using the capability.

Course features

  • Online training
  • Access from any browser
  • Professionally developed courses
  • Non-profit organisation: Sales support development of new courses
  • Developed with the community
  • Access from anywhere
  • Self paced

Course benefits

  • Path to a globally recognised certification
  • Gain an awareness of Wardley Mapping
  • Explain the history and context of Wardley Mapping in comparison to traditional strategy techniques and solutions
  • Discuss the high-level principles and design elements of a Wardley Map and explain their core benefits
  • Describe the fundamental characteristics of Wardley Mapping and how to relate them to your business
  • Describe how to formulate a value chain that underpins the user needs of your customers
  • Understanding of the strategy lifecycle
  • How to formulate a value chain based on user needs
  • Awareness of the climatic patterns and how they impact Wardley Maps
  • Preparation for the foundation level course


Available from November 2021.


We offer several pricing options. Pay up front, pay monthly plan, or join our Wardley Mapping community and get access to all content.



  • 3 hours
  • Online Self Paced
  • Autumn 2020
  • English
Awareness in Wardley Mapping
Awareness in Wardley Mapping

Awareness in Wardley Mapping – a practice exam to test your knowledge of Wardley Mapping, in preparation for the Foundation level.

The certification and exam has been developed by Wardley Mapping practitioners, @wardleymaps @mcraddock, @spurkis and @simalexan