Foundation in DevOps

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The course provides an understanding of DevOps and what it is and what it involves. It also touches on the different aspects of the DevOps cycle as well as concepts of version control and applications of configuration management. It also covers testing awareness and deployment strategies.

Course features

  • Online training
  • Access from any browser
  • Professionally developed course
  • Non-profit organisation: Sales support development of new courses
  • Developed with the community
  • Access from anywhere
  • Online self paced

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of how DevOps came to be and why it has become so important
  • Learn what DevOps is and look at what it involves from three different perspectives which originate from some of DevOps’s most influential advocates
  • Gain an understanding of the different aspects of the DevOps cycle and Pipelines
  • Discover the concepts of Version control, focussing on Source Control Management, specifically Git
  • Learn what Configuration Management is and where it applies in DevOp
  • Learn what Continuous Integration and Delivery means and the role it plays in DevOps
  • Awareness of all the different types of testing in the DevOps cycle
  • Understand a number of different deployment strategies along with the importance of continual feedback
  • Understand the need to consider rolling back a release and defect management
  • An appreciation of Resiliency and how to achieve it
  • High level understanding of cloud technologies and relevance to DevOps
  • Understanding of security considerations in a DevOps context
  • Learn about specific considerations when applying DevOps to databases.
  • Learn how to choose the right DevOps related tools for your organisation, the benefits of Open Source software and the factors which need to be considered before contributing or using it.
  • Learn about the complexities of controlling technical diversity across the Enterprise whilst facilitating innovation.
  • Learn “what good looks like” and the various factors can contribute to IT high performance.
  • Discover organisational structure Patterns and Anti-patterns and DevOps as a Service.
  • Gain an understanding of psychology safety and the importance of trust, empathy and diversity in the workplace.
  • Reinforce the qualities which underpin a DevOps culture, characteristics of high performing delivery teams and role related responsibilities.


Available from November 2020


  • 20-25 hours
  • Online Self Paced
  • Autumn 2020
  • English
Foundation in DevOps
Foundation in DevOps

Foundation in DevOps