Five Phases of Strategy

Wardley Mapping BattleCamp

Wardley Mapping BattleCamp is an advanced scenario based workshop dedicated to teaching and training people to do business strategic gameplay.

You will enhance your Wardley Mapping and strategic gameplay skills in an unknown, uncharted setting.

We will learn to do all of the Wardley Map phases and to practice them. Additionally, workshop attendees learn to play collaboratively, in a real-life scenarios.


This scenario based workshop is for those who want to practice, demonstrate and enhance their strategy development using Wardley Mapping.

Let the battle commence!


The Goal. To Win. To be the dominant company in the given market with at least a market share of 60%.

Attendees are divided into two teams with random team members. (In real life, you will rarely have the choice over who you work with, so it's better to learn to cooperate and create a team atmosphere focusing on a common goal). Each team belongs to a single company, which is doing business in a single market. Each company has a different scenario. Your role will be a board member of the company.

There will be a team of two judges which keep track of the workshop statistics and gameplay.

Game Structure

Turn based. Max 40 rounds. Each round lasts for 5 minutes (simultaneous rounds). The teams need to be in different rooms.

After the 5 minute time limit, the judges then enter the separate rooms and without sharing any info get the plays from the teams.

In the next 1-2 minutes, the judges evaluate the gameplays and approve or deny (if the move is just a card play without describing the move its immediately rejected.)

Team Structure

Each company has three main resources.

  1. Time (represented in points, each team has 10 time points per round.)
  2. Capital (represented in cash, e.g. dollars)
  3. Market share (represented in percentages)

All companies operate in a single market developing a single product.


The judges choose a single market along with a single product that companies are competing in. They define the market price of the product (e.g. $50) and they draw a Wardley Map based on the customer need, the product that fulfills that customer need and its value chain.

For example, the first BattleCamp, chose the healthcare industry, more specifically flue vaccinations. Defined a market without a public healthcare system and two teams that were playing the BattleCamp were two healthcare clinics that were administering and selling a flu vaccine with an average market cost of $100.

The first company was long-running business, with over 50 years. Family made business, with their own "custom built" offices and laboratories. They have hired nurses, lab assistants and doctors. They also have bought an application on the market for the clinic to schedule vaccination appointments, communicate with the customers and so on. Charging $120 per flue therapy, with a product cost of $70. Their market share is 18%.

The second company is a recently started business, a clinic with about 5 years on the market. Rents its office space and lab space. Has hired nurses, lab assistants and doctors. Have developed their own application for the clinic with similar options as their competitor, they "believe they are a healthcare tech startup". Charging $100 per flue therapy, with a cost of $55. Their market share is 7%.


This is an advanced workshop which expects attendees to have at least some real-life experience with Wardley Maps. In order to attend a workshop, you should have, at least:

  • please read the Wardley Mapping book,
  • additional reading here,
  • create several Wardley Maps yourself, alone
  • read and learn some of the climatic patterns, doctrine and gameplay.



Available from November 2020.

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We offer several pricing options. Pay up front, pay monthly plan, or join our Wardley Mapping community and get access to all content. Max 8-12 per session. Discounts available for multiple attendees.


  • 5-6 hours
  • online workshop
  • Autumn 2020
  • English